Orica recognised as Australia's most innovative manufacturing company

05 Aug 2020

Orica has taken out two Manufacturers’ Monthly 2020 Endeavour Awards  – ‘Australia’s Most Innovative Manufacturing Company Award’ and ‘Best Industrial IIoT Application’.

The Endeavour Awards acknowledge and celebrate manufacturers from around Australia with industry-wide recognition. The ‘Most Innovative Manufacturing Company Award’ recognises a company working to disrupt the Australian manufacturing industry while the ‘Best Industrial IIoT Application’ acknowledges application used in smart factories to improve the manufacturing process.

Orica was awarded for its state-of-the-art fragmentation measurement technology FRAGTrack™. With its unique integration into the BlastIQ™ Digital Blast Optimisation Platform suite, FRAGTrack™ captures real-time fragmentation measurement data for optimising drill and blast operations and improving downstream efficiencies in the mining process.

Australian designed and manufactured, and built on more than 20 years of investment in Research and Development, the FRAGTrack™ system uses binocular cameras and an innovative proprietary hybrid 2D/3D image processing algorithm to deliver rapid insights safely and accurately. Specially designed for durability in the harshest mine environments globally, the system can handle temperatures from below minus 40 to above 55 degrees Celsius.

Orica’s Vice President of Digital Solutions Rajkumar Mathiravedu, said: “These prestigious awards are a testament to the efforts of our talented Digital Solutions teams spread across all our regions. 

“Together, we are reimagining the future of the mining industry, and delivering outstanding digital solutions for our customers – every day, all around the world.” 

Following last year’s Hunter Manufacturing Award, this latest recognition further cements FRAGTrack™ as a pioneer product in mining innovation. It is one of the key value-adding technologies strengthening Orica’s differentiated position in the marketplace. 


Orica’s Vice President of Digital Solutions, Rajkumar Mathiravedu



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