Blast Control for Quarries
Blast Control for Quarries

Blast Control for Quarries

Streamlined and improved blasting through smart and integrated solutions.

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BlastIQ™ Quarry offers extensive quality control throughout the drill and blast process to deliver cost savings and superior blast outcomes.

Designed in collaboration with customers, this user-friendly system will save engineering and operation time from planning to blast performance analysis.

Minimise transcription error
Compatibility with public Application Programming Interface (API) allows custom reporting and software integration in a single workflow. Electronic capture and transfer of field data to BlastIQ™ Insights eliminates manual entry and enables rapid reporting, intelligence and audits.
Efficient documentation management
Blast documentation and job pack functionality ensure relevant documentation is uploaded throughout the drill and blast execution process.
Eliminates excess expense
Eliminates excess expense and reduces risk of poor environmental outcomes
Smart and automated capabilities ensure the right explosive product with the right energy is loaded every time.
Remote auditing and centralised collaboration
With information securely and centrally stored, drill and blast information can be audited remotely. In addition, information can be shared collaboratively via cloud-hosted web portals.
Visibility of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Exception reports can be generated to provide better visibility to manage blast quality control.
Improved blast design
Market-leading blast design tools are available for survey, profiling, loading and timing rules.
Active development and world-class support
BlastIQ™ Quarry undergoes continuous development and works with users to improve its value, and is supported 24/7 by our global network of Support Engineers and Technology Specialists.


The next generation BlastIQ™ Platform delivers a suite of enhanced technologies, empowering better decision making and increased control of blasting outcomes.

The technologies in the BlastIQ™ Platform are designed to deliver economic and operational value individually, but the benefits are maximised when they are integrated in a systemised process.

BlastIQ™ Mobile
Improved visibility and control of on bench operations.
Advanced blast design and modelling software for complex blasts.


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Blast Control-Quarry
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BlastIQ™ Quarry Flyer - Streamlined and improved Blasting through smart and Integrated solutions
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Next Generation BlastIQ™ Brochure (pdf 851.3KB)This link will open in a new window
Next Generation BlastIQ™ Brochure - Integrated technology solutions to optimise every blast.
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Blast Control Flyer (pdf 494.3KB)This link will open in a new window
Complete Blast Quality Control Flyer - Delivering cost savings and supreme blast outcomes with consistent implementation of blast designs.
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SHOTPlus™ Premier Flyer - Blast design and modelling software to optimise every blast.
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