Overcome blasting challenges in surface coal and metal mine operations

Flexigel™ is a range of augered or pumped bulk products designed for surface coal and metal mines. It increases the blast designer’s range of available densities. It is suitable in dry, dewatered and wet blast holes.

Flexigel™ can act as a substitute for ANFO in soft, wet ground where high bulk strength is not required but good water resistance and energy distribution is essential.

With the flexibility to tailor energy levels, overcome challenges such as variable rock strata, reactive or fume prone ground and environmentally sensitive blasting. Flexigel™ reduces the energy density of blastholes adjacent to final walls, to reduce damage and improve final wall profiles in situations where small diameter blasting techniques are not practical. Further, Flexigel™ can be loaded into the top portion of the blasthole to improve energy distribution in the blast hole and improve fragmentation in the stemming zone

Flexigel can be loaded through Orica’s Mobile Manufacturing Units without modification.

Please note:  Flexigel™ is only available in Latin America and Asia.


  • Iron Ore
  • Surface Metal
  • Surface Coal

Hole Conditions

  • Dry
  • Dewatered
  • Wet
  • Hot and / or Reactive Ground
  • Jointed Ground
  • Very Abrasive Rock
  • Dynamic Shock

Features and Benefits



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  • Flexigel™
  • Flexigel™ (includes Flexigel™ Coal + Flexigel™ Clear + Flexigel™ Clear I + Flexigel™ Control)
  • Flexigel™ (includes Flexigel™ Advantage + Flexigel™ Coal + Flexigel™ Extra + Flexigel™ Clear + Flexigel™ Clear I + Flexigel™ Control)