Four times detonation pressure of ANFO with Bulk strengths of up to 273 relative to ANFO

Designed specifically for use in surface mining applications, Vistan™ is suitable for dry and dewatered blast hole applications.

The extra energy provided by Vistan™ products can be leveraged to offset drilling through expanded patterns or in the milling circuit through optimised fragmentation.

The Vistan™ product technology requires either specific modified Mobile Manufacturing Units designed to deliver this unique product, or can use a standard MMU™ if appropriate mine site infrastructure is installed.


  • Iron Ore
  • Surface Metal

Hole Conditions

  • Dry
  • Dewatered
  • Hard Rock
  • Hot and / or Reactive Ground
  • Jointed Ground
  • Very Abrasive Rock
  • Dynamic Shock

Features and Benefits



*Mandatory fields


Mandatory field(s) marked with *
  • Vistan™ (225/250/275)
  • Vistan™ (225/250/275) (includes Vistan™ s (225/250/275) + Vistan™ i (225/250/275) + Vistan™ si (225/250/275))