Strong, flexible, high performance detonating cords

  • Optimised core load to reduce damage to inhole explosives prior to initiation
  • High tensile strength to cope with large forces within vertical blast holes
  • Excellent flexibility and knot holding ability
  • Low packaging weight and dual labelling for improved manual handling and storage
  • Highly visible colour coding for safety and identification
  • Suitable for use with Exel™ detonators and Pentex™ boosters


  • Iron Ore
  • Surface Metal
  • Construction
  • Quarrying
  • Surface Coal
  • Underground Construction
  • Underground Mining
  • Civil Infrastructure

Hole Conditions

  • Dry
  • Dewatered
  • Wet
  • Hard Rock
  • Hot and / or Reactive Ground
  • Jointed Ground
  • Very Abrasive Rock

Product Range


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  • Detonating Cord - Cordex™
  • Detonating Cord - Cordtex™