WebGen™ 200 - Increased Versatility with New Features for Greater Possibilities 

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WebGen™ 200 – second generation Wireless Initiating System

Engineered to deliver market-leading safety and reliability, WebGen™ 200 has been built with enhanced capabilities, security and versatility, ensuring it meets the extreme mining conditions faced by surface and underground customers pushing the boundaries of mining’s next frontier.

The versatility starts with primers designed for specific applications and a more wider range of booster weights. Encoding groups of primers are now faster and easier with new equipment that seamlessly uses WIFI, NFC, and RFID technologies to handle more information. Including Blast Inventory Management (BIM) that links inventory to a blasthole and Blast Proximity Indications (BPI) to link location to a firing a blast.

These functions and other loading tools are accessed through a Windows 10 interface and large bright touch display. Firing commands are sent to individual primers through Magnetic Induction (MI) signals via hardware that has been upgraded for safety and improved mobility.

There are now five antennas available to tailor the transmission range to cover only the work area required, and the all new ability to remove primers from a blast or adjust delay times in sections of a blast group at firing time. 

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1. WebGen™ Suite 

Wireless Primer initiates the blast and is comprised of three components:

  • i-kon™ W: Accurate and fully programmable detonator with millisecond timing accuracy which can be assigned delays up to 30 seconds. A benchmark in reliability and accuracy.
  • DRX™: The i-kon™ W electronic detonator plugs into a receiver comprising a multi directional antenna, and a battery which serves as the in‑hole power source.
  • Pentex™ W Booster: Securely locks onto the unit at the time of charging a blast hole. 

2. Encoder


The Encoder programs every individual Wireless Primer with its own unique encrypted code. This Encoder contributes to the inherent safety of the system, and programs each Wireless Primer with three codes. The first code is a unique Blast Identity number (BID) which are exclusive to the mine site and are assigned to specified groups of primers which will sleep, wake and fire together as a single blast. The second code is the DRX ID and it is linked to delay time, hole ID and allows the all new capability of deleting primers or changing the delay times for a segment of a blast, it also records component IDs for Blast Inventory Management. The third code is the Blast Proximity Identity (BPI) which is recovered from a RFID beacon which is located in the blast location.

3. Current Generator


The WebGen™ 200 Current Generator provides the high current pulses sent into the antenna to generate the coded Magnetic Induction signals for communicating firing commands to WebGen™ 200 in blastholes. It has been redesigned for improved mobility, and a multi-mode communications module is now integrated into the package. The cable connectors have been improved and are well located and auto switching.

4. Transmitter Controller


Controls the Current Generator and provides the encrypted activation and fire commands for a WebGen™ 200 blast.

5. Antenna


Five antenna options, two single loop antennas for short range coverage, at 50m and 150m and two quad loop portable antennas for short range transmission of 250 and 350m, and ground loop antenna for long range transmission up to 700m.

Firing point Transmitter & Antenna area


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