WebGen™ 200

WebGen™ 200

Increased Versatility with New Features for Greater Possibilities


WebGen™ 200 – second generation Wireless Initiating System


WebGen™ 200 improves on Orica’s unique first-generation system with enhanced capabilities for safe and reliable wireless initiation of blasts on the surface and underground.  The second-generation system offers four variants of primers specifically designed for surface, underground development and underground production blasting.  

Blastholes primed with WebGen™ 200 have no wires between or in blastholes.  The primers are remotely initiated using magnetic induction signals that penetrate rock, air and water.  This opens new opportunities for surface and underground mines to improve recovery, reduce dilution, and increase production by reducing operational delays and scheduling constraints.  In underground mines, WebGen™ significantly reduces risk to personnel by reducing or eliminating the need to re-enter stopes and drawpoints to connect blastholes with wire or signal tube.  In surface mines, WebGen™ reduces constraints on the mine schedule by allowing sleeping blasts to be converted to haulroads.

WebGen™ primers are encoded in groups that can be fired together to make larger blasts when operationally convenient.  Alternatively, with careful design a blasting sequence can be changed at short notice without the need to send people to disconnect and reconnect blastholes.  WebGen™ primers can be slept for up to 60 days after encoding, giving operational flexibility to fire blasts when environmental conditions or production demands dictate.

WebGen™ is offered as a service operated by trained Orica WebGen™ technicians and specialists.  Before deploying WebGen™, Orica will do a signal survey to determine the practical operational range of the magnetic induction signal in the local host rock.  Signal range primarily depends on mineralogy.   The sleep time of blastholes may be limited to less than 60 days by heat or reactivity.  Reactivity testing and inhibited explosives may be required to achieve extended sleep times.




WebGen™ 200 offers four variants of primers specifically designed for surface, underground development and underground production blasting. 



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WebGen™ in Surface Mining

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WebGen™ in Underground Mining

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1. WebGen™ Primer 

WebGen™ Primers consist of a Pentex™ W booster, an electronic i-kon™ W detonator, and a disposable receiver (DRX™). 

  • The Underground Pro primer is designed for underground production blasting.
  • The Surface and Surface Pro versions are for larger diameter surface mining applications.
  • The Surface Pro primer is more resistant to the pressure and acceleration experienced by primers sleeping in blastholes.
  • The WebGen™ Dev primer is used exclusively in Orica’s Avatel™ mechanised development charging system.

2. Encoder 


The Encoder programs the WebGen™ primers before deployment in a blasthole.  Primers in the same blast are assigned a unique BID code, and up to 10 BIDs can be combined and fired as a single blast.  The delay of the primer is also assigned at encoding.  The system has the ability to change the delay of a limited number of primers after they are loaded in a blasthole.  

3. Current Transmitter


The Transmitter is powered by the WebGen™ Battery Pack, independent of mine power.  It creates the magnetic induction signal for signal surveys and blasting.  The Transmitter can be remotely operated over the mine’s communication network. 

4.  WebGen™ Blaster 


The Blaster controls the Transmitter for blasting and manages the unique codes that identify individual groups of WebGen™ Primers.

5. Antennae

WebGen Antenna

WebGen™ 200 offers two antenna options.  The larger WGA700 is a semi-permanent installation that can achieve a useful range of more than 700m in the right conditions.  The WGA350 is a semi-portable installation that can achieve useful range of more than 350 metres in the right conditions.

Firing point Transmitter & Antenna area


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