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Achieve your blasting goals with the flexibility and power of i-kon™ III, the most sophisticated Electronic Blasting System on the market. Enhance productivity through faster deployment and blast setup for both small and large-scale blasting.  

Reliable even in harsh mining and environmental conditions, i-kon™ III is available with Standard, RX or Extreme wire, which is ideal for metal mines where hard, sharp and abrasive rock is prevalent.


  • Iron Ore
  • Surface Metal
  • Construction
  • Quarrying
  • Surface Coal
  • Underground Construction
  • Underground Mining

Hole Conditions

  • Dry
  • Dewatered
  • Wet
  • Hard Rock
  • Hot and / or Reactive Ground
  • Jointed Ground
  • Very Abrasive Rock
  • Dynamic Shock

Features and Benefits

System Configuration

  • i-kon™ III Detonator
  • i-kon™ Logger II
  • i-kon™ Blaster 3000
  • Duplex harness wire
  • SHOTPlus™ Blast Design Software

i-kon™ III Detonator


Fully programable in submillisecond increments. Available in ST, RX or Extreme wire options

i-kon™ Logger II


Assigns delay time to each detonator and tests the blast

i-kon™ Blaster 3000


Voltage and command signaling to fire up to 3000 detonators per blaster

Duplex harness wire


Connects detonators with the blast box

SHOTPlus™ Blast Design Software


Used to design the blast pattern

  • Customer Stories

    "The introduction of extreme wire by Orica has reduced the potential for misfires. This has meant less time spent treating misfire and increased safety, which is priceless. We have much more confidence ..."

    Drill and Blast Supervisor

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